Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heritage's Knights & Magick now available from The Gaming Gang

Heritage Model's Paint and Play sets Caverns of Doom and Crypt of the Sorcerer were formative games in my introduction to the hobby.  A friend of mine got Caverns of Doom the same Christmas I received the Moldvay Basic Set.  A few years ago, I got interested in trying to track down copies of the games and while I did manage to locate the rules--alas, I don't own the actual miniatures that came with them.  In the process of all this, I remembered seeing ads for other miniature sets Heritage produced like Merlin (which written written by Greg Stafford) and Knights of King Arthur.  However, I also learned that Heritage had produced a more extensive miniatures rule set called Knights and Magick.  Now I've always been interested in minis, but I didn't really own any until I started buying D&D Plastic minis a few years ago.

Despite this lack of real metal minis I became really intrigued by this little rule set.  I realized that I really wanted to check it out, but sets of this game were pretty pricey on the secondary market.  One of the issues surrounding the game was figuring out who actually owned the Knights and Magick IP.  Heritage Models went into bankruptcy in the mid 1980s, and their miniature lines were sold off to a number of companies (including Reaper).  Apparently, what happened is that Heritage didn't bother to sell the rights to the rules of Knights and Magick to anybody!  That means that the only people who could claim rights to the game was Heritage Models, and they no longer existed as an entity.

Enter the guys over at the Gaming Gang podcast who spent some time talking to Heritage's former IP holders and asking them if they minded if they went ahead and made the Knights and Magick rules available again.  Nobody seemed to care, so they've taken the plunge.

So Knight and Magick is now available as a PDF for $12.95.  They also have physical copies available from Lulu.  Moreover, they're planning on producing a new edition of the game later this year!

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