Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gaming History: Interview with Dave Wesley.

Check out this interview with Dave Wesley conducted by Clyde Rhoer for his podcast Theory from the Closet.  Clyde makes it clear to his listeners that he doesn't really do any editing so what you'll hear is the conversation as it happened warts and all.  I find this approach oddly refreshing. I'm a sucker for a good interview and this one is particularly interesting for Old School gamers--especially if you have an interest in wargames and the early days of the hobby.  

Dave Wesley is the guy who might be described as the first GM.  His game Braunstein  inspired a guy named Dave Arneson (who you might have heard of) to run a fantasy version of Braunstein for his Twin Cities wargaming group in the early 1970s.  Dave later hooked up with another wargamer from the Lake Geneva area named Gary Gygax and here we are in 2012 still enjoying the can of worms opened up by these gentlemen.

I find Dave's description of the freewheeling days of wargaming particularly inspiring.  DIY was the order of the day even then.

Here the link to the show (also on iTunes):

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