Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Return of SSSLASIFFON!!! (More Campaign Stuff from Thirteen Year Olds)

Here’s a listing of characters from a campaign I was running when I was thirteen. After a while all of our games started to bleed together so that by this point I was stealing from everything. There’s nods here to D&D, Gamma World, Jack Kirby’s Fourth World (with the Para-demons and such), Moorcock’s Eternal Champion stories, Traveller, and whatever comic books or TV shows I was watching at the time.

What I love about looking at this is that it’s totally a stew of all of those things, and by putting all this together it starts to have its own crazy vibe. Feel free to pilfer names or ideas from this list, but I make no apologies for any of the names as I was thirteen when I came up with this stuff. What would a campaign with these characters look like?

Asmos (Human Warrior, Technician)
Geendra (Human Scientist)
Aldrak Human Scientist)
Umok (Human Warrior, Twin of Vomok)
Vomok (Human Warrior, Twin of Umok)
Aleesha (Aerianian Queen)
Kumanseth (Para-demon, Commander)
Ajagramund (Para-demon, Commander)
Toosath Poitav (Para-demon, Commander)
Bashab Dall (Para-demon Monarch)
Sarash (Para-demon Monarch)
Oolg (Giant Para-demon)
NARTHOX (Dark Lord) (Yes, written in all caps so you know he’s badass)
Lord Toxic (Osab-Human Crossbreed, First Slitonitusikus)
Nitrav, the Enslaver (Master of Taurin 4 Prison Planet)
Tors (Centaurin King)
Hisha (Centaurin Queen)
Eleesha (Amazon)
Teena (Amazon)
Mygala (Amazon)
Henelim (Amazon Queen)
Ssslasiffon (Vapor God King) (The Vapors were sentient deities made of gaseous
Ammox (Vapor God King) materials as I recall)
Timso 99 (Head Borg)
Alamond 12 (Borg)
Prince Bellark (Son of Narthox)
Zoe Wiseguard (Sorceress) (PC)
Prince Jodane (Warrior of the Worlds)
Rendikose of Drexil (Warrior of the Worlds)
Enrom (Warrior of the Worlds)
Brath (Companion to Enrom)
Dimos Bloodsheddar (Warrior of Gehenna) (Para-demon hero)
Admiral Moorsh

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