Thursday, July 29, 2010

I think someone is paying attention. . .

Okay, well the OSR is a pretty small niche within a small niche but I just noticed this over on Wizards website concerning GenCon 2010.

Here's the quote:

Embrace Your Edition!
This year, we’ve invited many independent D&D DMs running games of any D&D variety to come up to the Sagamore Ballroom and host their tables alongside ours! Whether it's 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd or 3.5 Edition, or the original game, all fans of D&D have a place in the Sagamore Ballroom. If you have a hankering for an old-school game, the Sagamore is now the destination for all things D&D!

Here the link back to the page here.

I don't know what to think, but it would be cool to see some folks running OD&D in the midst of 4ELand. There's some recognition at least that there are still plenty of folks who prefer the older editions of D&D.

And have you seen the rather familiar cover to the new 4E "Starter" Box?
Check it out.


  1. I saw the thing about letting anyone that is playing any version of D&D play in the Sagamore this year. I hadn't seen the cover of the boxed set, though. If it weren't on the WotC site, I wouldn't believe it at all. Even seeing it there makes me wonder if that's the final cover.

  2. There was a different cover they showed earlier but that image is now the cover of a different product: the 4E Rules Compendium. I'm guessing its real.

    It's a marketing strategy. They want to catch the attention of both new players and the millions of gamers who've stopped playing. They hope the Elmore cover might get both groups. Afterall, the Red Box was the "gateway drug" lots of gamers started with.

    Wizards also has Larry Elmore at Gen Con this year too. He's going to play in a rpg "celebrity" game that you can watch run by Chris Perkins.

  3. Okay, yeah, but they're not after us. They're after people who aren't playing at all right now.