Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue Oyster Moorcock

There's been a fair bit of discussion in the OSR recently about the connections between Heavy Metal and D&D.

So here's Blue Oyster Cult with lyrics by a certain Michael Moorcock (one time resident of Ladbrook Grove and author of this writer's favorite fantasy adventure novels). I'd put Blue Oyster Cult in the "Hard Rock" category I suppose but in the late 1970s Fantasy and Rock were definitely cross polinating.

So as you listen just imagine the stories of Elric. . .Hawkmoon. . .Corum. . .Erekose. . .Cornelius. . .von Bek. . . Arflane. . .


  1. That's a great track. I'm also a fan of 'Black Blade'.

  2. I'm certain you're also aware of this, but it bears mentioning that Moorcock also contributed to the more overt songs, "Black Blade" and "The Great Sun Jester."

    You're of course correct that, while a great song on its own, VotPW was a much greater resonance when listened to with the Eternal Champion in mind.

  3. Yes. . .I'm certainly aware of Black Blade. I just think this is the best of their collaborations.

    Now i'm wondering if I should post some Hawkwind stuff?