Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AD&D Character Sheet Revisited

AD&D has been my recent old school obsession. I've realized that I keep coming back to AD&D. My old hardcovers have become recreational reading for me when I get a moment to relax. I recently started to read the pdf of the Osric 2nd edition rulebook, and I was heartened by how clear Osric is. It doesn't have all the rules I might like, but, for example, I can easily use the wilderness travel rules from the DMG if I like. The more I keep looking at the rules the more I like them. I'm thinking of developing a science fantasy AD&D/Osric campaign using some stuff from my First Edition Gammma World rulebook.

I posted a version of an AD&D character sheet a while back, but I've been tinkering with it. Its now four pages, and I'm pretty happy with it. Page three even has a space for followers and hirelings.

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