Friday, July 31, 2009

Japanese Giant Robot and Monster Shows

Warning: YouTube nostalgia ahead!

I used to watch many of these shows and now inflict them on you!

For some reason I used to want to fly around in Rodak's bat wing space ship thing with the glowing white disco ball embedded in it.

Yikes! I'd forgotten I used to watch both Spectreman and Ultraman until I watched the openings!

"Use robot punch!"

Okay. . .I never saw this show when I was a kid, but I now want that guy's helmet.

Okay. . .I never saw this one either, but If I'd seen this when I was eight it would have been my favorite TV show ever. I would have then created a D&D campaign where they have laser guns, swords, and werelions on horseback.

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  1. Ultraman! Johnny Sakko and his Flying Robot! I'd forgotten about them. Thank you, thank you for bringing back some awesome childhood memories.