Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another clip from Ranking Bass' ROTK

This clip from the Rankin-Bass Return of the King also has a certain something to it. I've got lots of problems with this animated adaptation, but this scene isn't one of them. GO GROND!!

Most of my good feeling about the film comes from the fact that I first saw it when I was seven and that I had a book and record set telling the story of the film. I also had the book and record set of the Hobbit which was just about my favorite thing in the world back then. Much of my fondness for fantasy (and subsequently D&D) come from seeing these movies. I didn't get around to reading Tolkien's books for another three years, but these films were enough to get me started.


  1. Seeing the Hobbit when it was broadcast on TV was what did it for me too. The Hobbit, Howard Pyle's stories of King Arthur, and the Dungeon! boardgame.

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