Saturday, June 13, 2009

OD&D Dungeon

Here's a dungeon I made that was stocked by using the rules in The Underground & Wilderness Adventure. For my money the advice packed into those few pages trumps is more compelling than most other later attempts at this type of thing. This method keeps things simple and fun and for some reason fires my imagination.

This dungeon is not as large or as intricate as Castle Dragonscar, but I'm pretty happy with the selections of encounters. You'll notice I placed the slimes and black pudding in the corridors as per Vol. 3 pg. 7: "Note that Ochre Jellies, Black Puddings, Green Slime etc. are generally distributed randomly, usually in passages without treasure."


  1. Good stuff, Nick. I agree about the OD&D M&T Distribution method. My most recent efforts begin with major, pre-planned rooms then I dice the rest using my single roll table derived from the Vol 3 odds.